Fashion & Silk

3D Fashion & Silk

Our partner MonkeyFab worked with the fashion designer Patryk Wojciechowski to create a unique collection inspired by nature and the art of silk, using 3D printing technology.

This collection was presented in a show together with our partner, the Instituto Cervantes in Warsaw. The Intermediateka artists were responsible for presenting the scenography through a multimedia show. The performance activities, directed by Anna Ciołkiewicz, were inspired by the links between fashion and technology, which are the essence of SILKNOW. The set design is by Grzegorz Biliński. The visual and musical performance was provided by the electronic duo DUKT, accompanied by the violinist Jakub Kubicki. Finally, the sculpture designed by Sylwia Marszałek-Jeneralczyk was presented, onto which an interactive mapping was projected. The artist’s work, modern and minimalist, was inspired by the collection, which has been printed especially for this occasion in 3D. The event was broadcast by ZUPA.STUDIO.

Silk & Fashion

Silk had been part of European creativity from its beginning.  Even though, we tend to think in silk as a luxurious item from a distant past, it is a very much alive heritage present in today’s fashion designers and their creations