Work Packages

SILKNOW begins in April 2018, and will last for 36 months and is organized in 8 inter-dependent work packages.

WP1 & WP8 are transversal, and will be dedicated to the project management, coordination, dissemination and exploitation of results. The technical work of SILKNOW is integrated in the central WPs (WP3 to WP6). On the other hand, WP2 analyses the end-user needs and provides baselines for the technical work, whereas WP7 is dedicated to testing and piloting, also focusing on end-users. Therefore, WP2 gives inputs to the central, technical WPs, whereas WP7 receives their outputs.

This graph shows the relation between the different Work Packages

WP1. Project management and coordination
WP2. CH Analysis and Requirements
WP3. Multilingual Big Data text analytic advanced system
WP4. Advanced image processing and Deep Learning
WP5. Tangible and graphic simulations & “Virtual Loom”
WP6. Data quality, interoperability & integration
WP7. Performance testing and pilots evaluation
WP8. Dissemination & Exploitation