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Users’ Scenario 1. Alfredo (Cultural Heritage and Leisure)

Alfredo, 57, native Italian speaker, works for the ICOM Conservation Committee, has a good level of English and a basic level of Spanish. He uses the Internet primarily for work.

Alfredo must report on the state of conservation of some silk textiles in a museum. Some of the pieces had very rare decorative patterns and therefore it is very difficult to establish the conditions of the weaves and the original colour tones.

Users’ Scenario 2. Vincenzo (Research and Education)

Vincenzo is 38 years old. He is an Italian native speaker, and he is an English teacher in a vocational school. Because of his job, he has a very good level of English. He uses the internet daily for research related to his work and to keep himself informed through popular online newspapers.

Vincenzo is a teacher in a secondary and vocational school. He teaches English in some fashion courses. He needs to tap into a technical vocabulary and some material to organize class assignments.

Users’ Scenario 3. Claire (Media Sector)

Claire is 35 years old. She is originally French. She has moved to Tokyo to work for 2 years as a fashion journalist. She is particularly interested in street fashion. She is a regular contributor for an international fashion magazine and in a number of social media outlets.

Claire has been asked to write an article for the magazine she works for. The subject of the article focuses on street fashion and must highlight how much traditional oriental fashion has influenced taste internationally throughout history.

Users’ Scenario 4. Charlotte (Creative Industries)

Charlotte is 37 years old. She speaks French, English and Italian. She works as a textile designer for a silk company in Como. Charlotte must design for her company some decorative patterns for silk textiles intended for the Middle East market. Fabrics must be inspired by the European tradition. Under the guidance of Franz, the CEO of her company, she connects the SILKNOW platform to get inspiration for the textiles to be designed.

Users’ Scenario 5. Marilena (Tourism)

Marinela, Spanish, 47, president of a regional craft association, good level of English, uses social media to promote the activities of the association.

Marinela’s association has to promote the textile craftsmanship of her region and to do it she needs to read up the history of textiles.