Partners & Stakeholders

We are a consortium of nine partners representing cultural heritage, academia, ICT and SME industries, all committed to keep silk heritage alive.


Universidad de ValenciafamiliasInstitutu Jožef StefanCNRSGarín 1820MonkeyfabUnipa PalermoUnipa PalermoEurecom

External Expert Advisory Board Members

  • Pilar Benito. Conservator, Patrimonio Nacional. Spain.
  • Ana Cabrera.  Conservator, Museo del Traje. Spain.
  • Oscar Corcho. Professor, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). Spain.
  • Pierre Guérin. Generalitat Valenciana. Spain.
  • Peter Haase. CEO,  Metaphacts GmbH. Germany
  • Antoine Isaac. Research and Development Manager. Europeana Foundation
  • Marie-Véronique Leroi. Chargée de mission Web sémantique, Ministry of Culture and Communication. France.
  • Barry Norton. Research Director, Milestone Systems. Danemark.
  • Marco Rendina. Director of the European Fashion Heritage Association
  • Sílvia Saladrigas. Documentalist, CDMT Terrassa. Spain.