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Working with design schools

During the very first days of October 2020 we have continued our dissemination tasks with design schools and students.

We have presented to EASD colleagues, in València, our almost finished tools as the Thesaurus, the Virtual Loom and our prospective website where all the collections we have worked with would be available. During their creative process and during the academic year, they would use and work on the basis of our tools.

After explaining all the tools, we encouraged the students to take a look on them, use them, and evaluate them in order to improve the user’s experience.

As we consider silk as alive heritage, we started a very interesting conversation on how all the compiled knowledge, methods, processes, etc. could motivate and inspire new creative professionals with the aim of valuing the silk tradition and importance and on how to spread the word into society.

We visited Sedica, in Moncada

Following our aims of generating a net of professionals around the silk heritage, we visited Sedica, a fabric enterprise located in Moncada, València (Spain).

We could experience at first hand their exquisite work on silk fabric, their innovative process and final results.

Their priorities are to study and use the historical designs, keeping alive the heritage.

Furthermore, we had a final meeting with some plastic & digital artists who are interested in the methods and processes of silk fabric construction.