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Winners of the SILKNOW- Instituto Cervantes writing competition

Silk heritage is much more than textiles, it includes ideas, innovations and, of course, language exchange. To demonstrate this, SILKNOW, through its partner Instituto Cervantes, launched a literary competition inviting students at A2-B1 level to write a text inspired by the teaching materials “La Ruta de la Seda”.

In this compendium we present the winners of the competition. They have spun words through Spanish, weaving the past into the future.


  • My silk grandmother. Catherine de Coster. 1st prize.
  • When the Silk Road passes in front of your house. André Lauga. 2nd prize.
  • The silk scarf, a fashion accessory? Sylvie Thiault. 3d prize.


  • The Silk Road. Anonymus. 1st prize.
  • Silk and Spanish connect the world. Anonymus. 2nd prize


  • A paradise of colours. Ewa Ayton. 1er premio.
  • The Silk Road Journey Part I – Venice Martín Rodal Martínez. 2nd prize.
  • Dear Maria: letters from a traveller to his girlfriend. Anonymus. 3d prize.

Ganadores concurso redacción SILKNOW- Instituto Cervantes

El patrimonio de la seda es mucho más que los tejidos, incluye ideas, innovaciones y por supuesto, intercambio de idiomas y evolución del lenguaje. Para demostrarlo, SILKNOW, a través de su socio, el Instituto Cervantes, convocó un concurso literario invitando al estudiantado nivel A2-B1 a escribir un texto libre que estuviera inspirado en los materiales didácticos «La  Ruta de  la Seda».  

En este compendio presentamos a los ganadores del concurso, quienes a través del español, han hilado palabras, tejiendo el pasado hacia el futuro. 


  • Mi abuela de seda. Catherine de Coster. 1er premio.
  • Cuando la ruta de la seda pasa delante de tu casa. André Lauga. 2do premio.
  • El pañuelo de seda, ¿un accesorio de moda? Sylvie Thiault. 3er premio.


  • La ruta de la seda. Anónimo .1er premio.
  • La seda y el español conectan el mundo. Anónimo. 2do premio.


  • Un paraíso de colores. Ewa Ayton. 1er premio.
  • Viaje por la ruta de la seda parte I – Venecia. Martín Rodal Martínez. 2do premio.
  • Querida María: cartas de un viajero a su novia. Anónimo. 3er premio

Working with design schools

During the very first days of October 2020 we have continued our dissemination tasks with design schools and students.

We have presented to EASD colleagues, in València, our almost finished tools as the Thesaurus, the Virtual Loom and our prospective website where all the collections we have worked with would be available. During their creative process and during the academic year, they would use and work on the basis of our tools.

After explaining all the tools, we encouraged the students to take a look on them, use them, and evaluate them in order to improve the user’s experience.

As we consider silk as alive heritage, we started a very interesting conversation on how all the compiled knowledge, methods, processes, etc. could motivate and inspire new creative professionals with the aim of valuing the silk tradition and importance and on how to spread the word into society.

Silk & Design

We have visited the Hochshule Luzern – Design & Kunst, also known as Lucerne University of Applied Arts and Sciences. There, and over the last years, a great team of designers, historians, textile specialists and web designers has developed silkmemory.ch, a web portal that offers abundant information about the legacy of Zurich silk industry. Their work and ours in SILKNOW has many aspects in common, so we took the opportunity to visit their new school and learn more about their project. We also studied some avenues for future collaboration, and ongoing mutual learning. Corporate archives of companies involved in silk textile manufacture, teaching materials for design schools, user experience of online catalogs, digital modeling of traditional weaving techniques… these issues and some others provided food for thought during a very useful workshop.

In the photograph: Andrea Weber Marin, Alexis Schwarzenbach, Tina Tomovic, Claudia Schmid from Hochshule Luzern – Design & Kunst and from Universitat de València: Cristina Portales and Jorge Sebastián.

Thanks to all of them for a warm welcome and many smart insights.